Sunday, August 2, 2009

Bridal Shower Cakes

So the bridal shower was a pretty good time, I spent A LOT of time on a train, and everything made it to Michigan in tact. We got to Lansing at about 10 PM on Friday night and worked on decorating cakes till about 2 AM, crashed, got up the next morning (technically I do think it was still morning when we woke up and got going), and started on the last three cakes. Although there were a few technical difficulties, we fared pretty well, and everyone loved the cakes!

When we ate the cakes, we weren't very nice to them either... we just gave everyone spoons and told them to dig in!! Everyone was trying to get into both the cake and the filling, so there was more than one cake that looked like it just had little mouse holes in it on the sides! I unfortunately didn't get a picture of it. :( When all the cakes had been tasted, the party goers were able to vote on the ones they liked best to help Kelsey and Niki decide what they wanted to use on the actual wedding cake.

Here are the pics from that night---

All 6 cakes displayed on the table
Fudge cake with peanut butter filling, covered in fondant with stripes and monogrammed.

I think this is the pistachio cake with pistachio filling and purple polka dots (frosting only)
Frosting only-- French Vanilla cake with Almond filling and piping details on side and another monogrammed top.
The green diamond one is lemon poppy seed with lemon filling (I think)
Lemon Cake with Raspberry filling, covered in fondant with a leaf design
The one with the small dots in the background is just frosting with piping details and is carrot cake with cream cheese filling
This is the cake design (from, I think) that Kelsey and Niki decided on sans the bottom layer (and the red ribbon), and they chose these flavors for the layers: Bottom layer-Lemon with Raspberry filling; 2nd layer- fudge with peanut butter filling; Pistachio with Pistachio filling and the top will be carrot cake with cream cheese filling.
Wish me luck!!!