Sunday, April 25, 2010

Get Your Motor Running....

I got to use more of the candy molds this week, and tested out my motorcycle and made more cars. All the cars and motorcycles are made from Almond Bark and painted with food coloring. I've decided that I HAVE to find something different than Almond Bark, as it doesn't really like to be painted... but need something that will go into, and come out of the molds really nicely.

This cake was a 2 layer 9X13" marble cake with a caramel frosting filling. it was covered with marbled fondant and letter stamps were used on the top.

Dakota Growers Retirement Cake

So... I may have said that I didn't have a picture of this cake, but Woo Hoo!!! I found it on my phone!!

This is a full sheet cake (18X24) all white cake with vanilla frosting. The logo and the inscription are made from fondant, and the logo is hand painted with food coloring.

This is the second one that I have done of this size for the pasta plant, and have adjusted little things each time to try and help make it easier each time that I do it.

Confirmation cakes

I was asked by my church to make the cakes for the Confirmation class. I needed to make enough for 150 people, so I made 3 half sheet cakes. 2 white cake and 1 chocolate. They were all covered in vanilla frosting, and 2 of them were decorated with drop flowers, and the third was the "show' cake that was decorated with a fondant cross.

Hello Kitty-- version 2.0

I was asked to do a Hello Kitty cake like the one I had done for my daughter last year. I made this one quite a bit smaller, but other than that, it was pretty much the same. This cake was a 3 layer, 8" round cake with 2 layers of strawberry and 1 layer of vanilla cake. It was filled with buttercream and strawberries, and covered/decorated in Fondant.

Thomas the Train

Thomas the Train was done for a little guy who was turning 4. The cake was an 8" round, 2 layer marble cake with a fudge filling. Covered and decorated in fondant.

It was really funny because when I delivered the cake, the little guy asked if it was a "Cars" cake, and when he was told that it was Thomas, he replied that he didn't like Thomas anymore. I love how fast little kids can fall in and out of love with cartoon characters... reminds me of my own kids!

Cake class cake

We went to a cake class the 13th of this month in Vermillion, SD (thanks Mommy!!) and got to take a class on fondant. Although I didn't learn a ton more than I had already learned on my own, I did get to pick the teacher's brain after the class for some tips and advice... completely worth the room being 86 degrees in a room with no windows or fans.

Here is one of the 3 cakes that we ended up making... unfortunately, we didn't get photos of the other 2. This one was made with my baby brother in mind, who just recently went off to basic training.

Big RED Tractor

9X13, 2 layer white cake with buttercream raspberry filling. Covered in Fondant, with a Red Tractor on top. And yes, it HAD to be red.

Walleye Cake

This cake is a chocolate 1/2 sheet cake (12" X 18") covered in vanilla frosting. The Walleye is made from almond bark and a fish mold(apparently a Carp... I had NO clue) and was painted with food color to look like a Walleye.


This race car cake was made for a little guy who was turning 5. The cakes are oval in shape and are white cake with buttercream frosting filling. Covered in Fondant, and painted to look like a track and the crowd.

The cars are almond bark car molds painted to look like race cars. each have their own number on the roofs.

Buddy the T-Rex

This cake was made for my son's 6th birthday party with his classmates. It was a strawberry cake that was poked and filled with strawberry jello. Covered in Buttercream and decorated with fondant, and painted to look like Buddy from Dinosaur Train on PBS.

Thanks SO MUCH to my sister Mollie who was at my house to get this cake, and three others done... I couldn't have done it without you!!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Surfs Up Dude

This is a 8" round 2 layer white cake with buttercreme frosting filling. Covered and decorated in fondant and brown sugar is used around the bottom as a border to imitate sand.

Superman cake

Superman to the rescue!! This birthday cake was for 3 guys, and one (who was turning 6) is a big Superman fan. This is a 8"round marble cake covered and decorated in fondant with stamped on lettering and frosting borders.

I'm really happy with the way this cake came out. The colors and wonderful letter stamps just make everything so nice and crisp.

iCarly and Dinosaurs

I was asked to make a cake with 2 themes at the same time for a brother and sister who have birthdays very close to each other. At first, I thought, NO PROBLEM... there would be enough room on the cake and I knew I could do the 2 characters they wanted on the cake.

I'm sure that if I had put the characters on the sides of the cake and the Happy Birthday on the top, it would have looked a little less confusing... but I guess I can chalk that one up to experience. I'll know better next time!!

Here is the top of the cake:

Ocean's 9

I had LOTS of fun with this cake. I got to test my hand at sculpting characters and different sea creatures for this cake, and really love how it turned out. I have more pictures of the sides of the cake, and will post those later.

This was a 2 layer, 9" round marble cake with oreo fluff filling, decorated in an ocean theme with fondant.

The Big Buck

It's not the "thirty pointer" but it's definitely a big buck. The customer and I combined a few different ideas from cakes we had seen online to come up with this hunting theme. The cake was a 10" marble cake with Oreo Fluff filling and was covered in fondant. The lettering, sides and buck were "painted" on with food coloring.

Montana Silversmiths Saddle themed cake

I was given the challenge to replicate a cake out of a horse magazine. It was a beautiful 3 tiered cake covered in fondant with a floral pattern on it that looked like the tooling on a saddle, and trim that looked like rope.

I was asked to make a cake that would feed 100 people and take it to the nursing home for a gentleman that has a love of horses.

So here's what I was able to do...
A close-up of the pattern on the sides of the cake
The side of the cake

An angled picture of the cake... and yes, these were taken in the car before I forgot to take a picture of it at all!

The missing cakes

There are a couple of cakes that I have done recently that I haven't remembered to take pictures of before I deliver them. One was a guitar shaped cake with a Taylor Swift transfer on the body of the guitar. The guitar cake was a 2 layer marble cake with Oreo Fluff filling covered/decorated in fondant.
The other was a Camo "Call of Duty" themed cake. It was a 10" square chocolate cake with caramel filling. covered in white fondant and "painted" with food coloring in a camo pattern. The customer does have a picture of the cake, and hopefully will send it to me soon!!

Indianapolis Colts

Indianapolis Colts themed cake for a Peyton Manning fan. 2 Layer Marble cake with Oreo Fluff filling. Decorated with Fondant and used new stamps for the lettering on the side. I am in LOVE with these new stamps, because it means that I don't have to worry about a bad handwriting day!

John Deere

Birthday cake perfect for a John Deere fanatic. 2 Layer Chocolate cake with Oreo Fluff Decorated with Fondant and grass tip used around bottom for the border.