Monday, October 26, 2009

Last Week's Cakes

Here are the cakes that I delivered on 10/24. The first was for a birthday, and was white cake with vanilla buttercream frosting and sliced strawberries. It was three layers of cake and 2 layers of filling. I hand painted the inscription on the top, and need to either practice more, or get better brushes... or both, I'm not quite sure. This was also the first paying order I received after putting up my signs about 3 weeks ago.

The next cake was a graveyard scene that I "stole" from a website that I found when looking for examples of graveyard cakes, and was the one that the customer liked best. it is also three layers with 2 layers of Oreo Fluff in between. This cake, I volunteered my services for the trail riders club that my family belongs to, and was used at a halloween party.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Halloween Cake

I will be making a cake this week for the Circle Trail Riders for a halloween party. They've asked me to do a graveyard cake to go along with their theme. After scouring the internet for ideas (because that's what I do, I steal other people's ideas for cakes), the hostess and I have come to a consensus on what we want to do, and this is the photo we are using for inspiration. I know that I'll be able to do everything except the ivy, because I don't have those cut-outs at this time... I'll have to think of something I can do instead!

I found this cake on the divine party cakes website, there was no bakery listed.

Other goodies made this week...

I had a busy week in the kitchen... I made 2 pecan pies, pecan bars, a cake for Emma to take to daycare on her birthday (a tye dye cake that was about 6 different colors) and blueberry bars for Aiden to take for snack for his Kindegarten class (the color of the week was blue, and I just couldn't resist). And this was all in addition to Emma's Hello Kitty cake that I made for her birthday party! I think I may have turned into betty crocker this week.

And everyone must have been hungry, because although we still have half of the big birthday cake left, the only other things I have left in my kitchen are three really small pieces of tye dye cake, and less than half a pan of blueberry bars.

The pecan pies...

The tye dyed cake before the white frosting on top.

Hello Kitty Birthday-- Happy 4th Birthday Emma!

This weekend we had Emma's birthday party, she turned 4 on the 14th! Holy moley how time flies...

We decided to do a Hello Kitty theme mainly because she likes pink and kitties. She has a couple shirts and pairs of socks with HK on them, but that's pretty much it.

And of course she wanted pretty much everything pink, so we made a triple layer cake with the first and third layer made from strawberry cake, and the middle layer was vanilla cake. In between the layers, we put vanilla buttercream frosting and fresh sliced strawberries. It was crumb coated with the rest of the buttercream frosting, and covered in pink, pink, and more pink fondant. Then the border, flowers and HK head were added. Not quite as perfect as I would have liked it to turn out, but you can tell that it's supposed to be HK, which is a definite plus.

Below are the pictures of the cake and what was left of it at the end of the day.

Thank you to everyone who came to help us celebrate!

The naked cake

If you notice the background of this cake, you will see how much of a mess I made.
I think the table might still be sticky even though it's been washed many times since.

All ready to go and displayed on the table!

The "guts" of the cake.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Short update

I am officially getting some business and have advertised around Carrington to try and get some more business!!
I am making a couple Pecan Pies tonight for a person I used to work with, I have Emma's birthday treats to take to daycare and her birthday cake this weekend, Aiden's treats for his Kindegarten class, then there's the Halloween cake for the Circle Trail Riders out of New Rockford for their Halloween party next weekend. And I need to call some people back about a baby shower cake. Woo Hoo!!
I'll make sure to post pictures of everything as soon as I get them done!!