Thursday, May 6, 2010

Call of Duty Cake

I was able to score a couple pictures of another cake I accidentally forgot to take pictures of... YAY! Thank you Amber for bringing them to me today!

This was a "Call of Duty" themed party and cake. The cake was chocolate with Caramel filling, and covered with fondant and painted to look like camo. The customers put the little army guys on the top to complete the theme since I'm not talented enough to do cool stuff like that... Yet.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Confirmation Cake

I got to do another confirmation cake. This one was a 9X13 inch vanilla cake with vanilla frosting and borders. I did the cross from blue fondant. I REALLY like this cross, and get to do it again on a cake this week for a baptism cake!

Dora! Dora! Dora!

Happy Birthday to Tiara!! Her birthday cake was a Dora themed cake. It was 9X13 white cake with Oreo Fluff Filling, covered in frosting and decorated in fondant.

All f the little colored balls make excellent borders for kids cakes, and they are super simple, but it's amazing how much time it takes to get them all done! But for that look and result, it's worth the time~

Pretty Princess Cake

I made a cake last week that was for a first birthday party for a little girl that also happened to be "Baby Miss North Dakota" The cake was a 3 tiered cake, with the top layer to be her "smash cake". The top layer was a 4" round white cake with frosting filling, the middle layer was a 6" round chocolate cake with a fudge filling, and the bottom layer was a 8" round strawberry cake with a strawberries and cream filling. It was covered and decorated in shades of pink and periwinkle fondant. A fondant number 1 was made for the topper and her tiara is wrapping around the top layer.

Taylor Swift Guitar Cake

I didn't end up taking a picture of this one because I was in some sort of hurry before I left to deliver this cake, but thank goodness, the customer took one and emailed it to me!! This was a 2 layer marble cake with Oreo Fluff filling and all hand cut. The little girl LOVES Taylor Swift, and her mom got an edible image and got it to me so I could put it on the cake. Those things work pretty slick, and I may just have to look into investing into a printer so I can do these myself!!