Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Anniversary Cake

"Two Lives, Two Hearts, Joined Together in Friendship, United Forever in Love..."


Browning Buck Birthday Cake

Vikings Themed Groom's Cake

MMMMM.... Pie!

Pumpkin Pie

Key Lime Pie

I guess I'm getting into the pie business too! Which I completely enjoy doing! Within one week, I did 5 pies. 2 Key Lime, 2 Banana Cream and one Pumpkin.

So tis the season for pie, let me know if there is anything that I can make for you!!

Get Your Motor Running...

A local car dealer owner was having a suprize birthday party, and I got to make the cake!! Of course it had to be a car, and the company colors are black and yellow, so the car fits right in at his business.
It is a chocolate cake with buttercream frosting and covered and decorated in fondant.
Also to go with the cake, was 4 dozen cupcakes-- half were white cake with caramel filling and buttercream frosting, and the other half were chocolate cake with caramel filling and buttercream frosting.

Anniversary Cake

In mid september, I sent a cake off to Iowa for my bestest friend's one year anniversary. Her wedding cake was the first one that I did.
This cake HAD to be egg free because of an allergy, so I used ground flax to replace the eggs. The cake was chocolate and had a peanut butter/cream cheese filling.
This one was shipped via UPS, and so far, I've had complete success with them. All the cakes have made it to their destinations with NO problem!
Happy Anniversary Kelsey and Niki!! Love you both!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Hunting/Fishing Birthday Cake

I really got to test out my skills with the last cake of the week... This is a vanilla cake with lemon filling, and decorated in fondant.

On the sides (which I unfortunately didn't get a picture of) was butter cream camo pattern. On the top, the fish, fish hook and Browning Buck are all buttercream and done via frozen buttercream transfers. With all of this, I now know why I mostly prefer to do fondant!! But I do appreciate the opportunity to learn more piping and frosting skills any day~

Close up of the fish

The Browning Buck


Next on the list this week was a golf themed birthday cake for a guy that worked with my hubby during the summer between his senior year in high school and starting college. He came back for the weekend, and his mom wanted to make sure he had a good birthday cake!

This is a marble cake with butter cream frosting. Decorated in butter cream, with accents in fondant.

MMMMM.... cake balls!

I've really got to come up with a different name for'em, but I made more cakeballs this week too... I had lots of frozen leftover cake from various projects over the last few weeks, and decided I needed the freezer space for something a little more healthy... like garden veggies.

So off I went! I also had peanut butter cream cheese frosting left over too (which was tinted blue) and lots of chocolate and butterscotch chips to coat everything in. I'm pretty sure that with the amount of cake that I had, there were well over 8 dozen of the yummy little things.

And of course that night, I had to have taste testers!! Since the chocolate chips melt a WHOLE LOT faster than almond bark, it got a little messy...

Lemon and Raspberry Cupcakes

To go along with the raspberry theme already in progress, I had an order for lemon cupcakes with raspberry filling and frosting. 2 dozen of the beauties went to the hospital to help celebrate whe newest RHIT at CHC. Congrats Tab!

Green N Yellow Birthday Cake

Lately I've been making quite a few birthday cakes... and do test me, they've all pretty much been buttercreme and not fondant cakes. I guess I need to eventually learn the art of making buttercream do what I want it to do, so I won't complain too much.

This is a 2 layer vanilla cake with raspberry filling and buttercream frosting. Lime green and lemon yellow borders, decoration and inscription.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Hannah Mae!

My Niece had her birthday party over the weekend, so it was a weekend full of family and cake. My sister made the birthday cake, and I helped/made the cupcakes.

Happy birthday Hannah Mae! Auntie Sarah loves you!

Chocolate and Strawberry cakes with strawberry and buttercream filling. Bottom layer is purple with polka dots. Top is a princess skirt with Cinderella.

Margarita Cupcakes-- Lime Margarita mix in the cupcakes with a Jose Cuervo Strawberry Margarita mix in the frosting. Garnished with a fresh strawberry. These puppies were only for the adults since there was alcohol in the frosting.

Pink Lemonade Cupcakes-- Lemonade in the cupcakes with Raspberry frosting. Garnished with a fresh raspberry. These were fortunately safe for all to eat.

The Stork is Coming!!

I was asked to do a baby "sprinkle" cake (a small shower... get it... a sprinkle-- hey I thought it was cute) for a return customer. The cake was vanilla with buttercream and raspberry filling. It was covered and decorated in fondant according to what the customer wanted.

It was kinda cool, because different elements of the cake came from about 3 or 4 different cakes that the customer had seen, and she was visionary enough to let me know which pieces she wanted to put together.

Great eye for design Erin! Glad I could do something for you again, and I hope everything traveled well to MN!!

Grandpa's Dinosaur Cake

Over the weekend, we were asked to make a birthday cake for a special Grandpa in our family. Since we were in Iowa with family, I thought it would be fun to let the kids paint on the cake with food coloring. And we made the cake in the shape of a dinosaur to let Grandpa know he was getting old. :)  Happy Birthday Rich!! Hope you have a good one tomorrow!

To Infinity and Beyond!

I got to make a Buzz Lightyear cake last week, and was excited to test out how well I could make such a well known character look like it was supposed to. And amazingly, I did better than I thought I would. Maybe next time I'll be brave enough to try him 3-D... Maybe.

The cake was a white cake with frosting filling. The cake was frosted with normal frosting, and Buzz and the stars were the only fondant items found on the cake.

Taste the Rainbow

So, I'll probably get in trouble for using a tag line, but hell with it... it was an awesome skittle cake!! And with as much food coloring that was used in the cake and cupcakes, they probably did taste the rainbow!

For the cake, I used a FunFetti cake mix and frosted with buttercream frosting before covering and decorating it in lime green fondant.

Half of the cupcakes were chocolate cake with peanut butter cream cheese frosting in the filling and on top, and was colored royal blue. The other half were white cake with cream cheese frosting as the filling and also on top, and was colored the same lime green as the cake.

Happy birthday Dakota!! Hope you had a great one, and welcome to the teen years.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Down on the Farm

I did a farm themed first birthday cake this week for a little guy named McCoy, and I got to test my hand out at making fondant animals. I had a bit of extra fondant around, so I started playing on Wednesday to make sure they were dried out enough by the time I delivered the cake on Friday. I made them all out of white fondant and then painted them with food coloring. For this being one of the first times I've ever done this, I think I did pretty darn good. It also makes me much less afraid to try more later!

The barn and silo are made of chocolate cake, and had fudge, peanut butter and vanilla frostings between the layers. The only think I might have done differently was decorating the barn and silo with fondant instead of frosting, but did frosting at the customer's request.

Also requested was a pretzel fence, which actually wasn't as hard to put together as I thought!

The Critters: Chicken, Duck, Cow, Sheep and Pig-- a bit out of proportion, I know, but still darn cute!

The big picture

And the close ups

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Big Buck Birthday Cake

Not quite the 30 pointer, but a big buck birthday cake.  This is a 10" square chocolate cake with Oreo Butter Cream Frosting and filling. Covered in Fondant and Hand painted buck and camo.

50th Birthday Cake

Also for this weekend, a 50th Birthday cake. First is a close up of the big Gum Paste rose.

This is a chocolate cake with peanut butter/cream cheese filling and whip cream frosting.
I love how the rose just sits so perfectly on top.

80th Birthday Cake

80th Birthday Cake for the 31st. White cake with Lemon Filling and Butter Cream Frosting. Adorned with White and Pink Gum Paste Roses.

Close up of the gum paste roses