Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Valentine's Day Treats-- Get your orders in!!!

I am taking orders for any and all Valentines Day treats your little heart desires-- Cookies, cakes, pies, chocolate covered strawberries.... Just order your sweetheart's favorite treat!

Contact me for pricing at or by calling my cell phone 701-650-0087

Orders available for pick up, local delivery, or shipping...

Friday, January 22, 2010

Handy Manny

This is the first cake that I have been asked to ship. It is supposed to get to Iowa today, so we'll see if it made it or not. I'm hoping that I don't have to post an update with a picture of a box full of crumbs...

This cake is for a 2 year old's birthday, and I was asked to do it for one of the guys that I went to High School with. Well, actually, his wife asked me to do it... but that's how I know the people who ordered the cake.

The cake is a 2 layer, square 10", vanilla cake with buttercream and strawberry filling. And of course, Handy Manny on the outside.

Happy Birthday Cooper!!! I hope you cake made it to your house all in one piece!!!
Cake shortly before being put in the box... I hope I don't have to post another picture!!!


The cake made it there perfectly. I must have read my directions well enough when researching how to ship something perishable, and the cake was still cold when it got to Travis and Stephanie's house!!

Apparently reading isn't a very important qualification for some UPS employees, because the box was given to Stephanie up side down, and it was clearly marked on each side of the box which way was up... Oh well, it made it there, and now I know that I can ship cakes half way across the country if I want to, especially during the winter!

It's a bird.... It's a plane... it's a Super Hero Cake!

My babysitters little man just turned 7 on the 11th of this month, and he is into ALL THINGS super hero related. So I searched online everywhere to find as many logos as I could. There are 10 of them on here... Spiderman, Superman, HULK, X-Men, Captain America, Batman, Robin, the Green Lantern, Fantastic 4, and Flash.

All of the logos are hand painted on there with food coloring.

I think if I had to do it over again, I would do it a little differently, but it did the job.

This was an 8" round, 2 layer chocolate cake with peanut butter filling. Mmmmm... tastes like peanut butter cups!!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

PG-13-- No Little Kids PLEASE!

So I was finally asked to do my first "naughty" cake, and of course I was up for the challenge. It was this person's 30th birthday, and a friend of hers wanted to tease her about getting "old". So OF COURSE we decided to make sure she knew that saggy boobs were pretty much the only thing she has to look forward to! Since this was obviously not enough to feed 25, I also sent along some cup cakes topped with the same pink color as the nipples!

Of course since my kiddos saw me making the cake, they know what this ended up being, and I can only imagine what they told our daycare lady and the KINDERGARTEN teacher... oh well, could've been worse I guess... could've been a cake with male parts!

This is a chocolate cake with decorator's frosting, and covered in Fondant.

Dolphin Cake

This week I was also asked to do a birthday cake for an 11 year old. She told me exactly what she wanted, which was pretty cool, and I think she was excited about being able to make that decision for herself. She said that she wanted a marble cake in the shape of a dolphin, and dang it, that's what she got. Although to me it looks a little more like a shark, I can't say that it's too bad, I mean I did free hand the thing based off of a picture of another cake, and I have NO artistic drawing ability... so I'm pretty happy with it!
This is a marbled cake (chocolate and yellow cake), frosted, and covered with tinted fondant.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Dakota Growers Pasta Company Sheet Cake

I was asked to do a retirement cake for the local pasta plant, and was asked to do a full sheet cake so that they could serve about 100 people. I finally had to break down and get a new pan, and got a shiny new 1/2 sheet pan so that I could fit it in my oven and also not have tons of problems flipping it out onto a cooling rack.

The cake was just a one layer, white cake with frosting and fondant decorations. The Dakota Growers logo was imprinted onto a sheet of fondant, and painted with food color to match the company logo, and was approximately 9" by 6".

Since it was so big and heavy, we had to cover a 30" X 22" piece of plywood with a white plastic tablecloth, and I had to have someone help me carry it into the building. I almost felt like a professional!! And it was a good thing that I have a car that I can fold down the back seats to be able to haul it with NO problem! Bumpy roads still kinda freak me out when I have a cake in the car though!

The full sheet cake-- Happy Retirement Ron!

A close up of the Dakota Growers logo... this took a LONG time since I can't freehand stuff like this-- yet.

The Forgotten Cakes

So I realized that I forgot to post a few cakes that I had made in late November/early December... Bad Sarah! At least I have had the holidays to catch up on some stuff...

So here you go!! Enjoy!

Horse and Donkey cake for a 2 year old who LOVES his 4 legged critters!! Chocolate cake with tinted frosting and fondant decorations.

iCarly cake for 3 little girls (sisters) that were born in the same month... Pistachio cake with pistachio filling. Covered in Fondant, and fondant decorations.