Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Anniversary Cake

"Two Lives, Two Hearts, Joined Together in Friendship, United Forever in Love..."


Browning Buck Birthday Cake

Vikings Themed Groom's Cake

MMMMM.... Pie!

Pumpkin Pie

Key Lime Pie

I guess I'm getting into the pie business too! Which I completely enjoy doing! Within one week, I did 5 pies. 2 Key Lime, 2 Banana Cream and one Pumpkin.

So tis the season for pie, let me know if there is anything that I can make for you!!

Get Your Motor Running...

A local car dealer owner was having a suprize birthday party, and I got to make the cake!! Of course it had to be a car, and the company colors are black and yellow, so the car fits right in at his business.
It is a chocolate cake with buttercream frosting and covered and decorated in fondant.
Also to go with the cake, was 4 dozen cupcakes-- half were white cake with caramel filling and buttercream frosting, and the other half were chocolate cake with caramel filling and buttercream frosting.

Anniversary Cake

In mid september, I sent a cake off to Iowa for my bestest friend's one year anniversary. Her wedding cake was the first one that I did.
This cake HAD to be egg free because of an allergy, so I used ground flax to replace the eggs. The cake was chocolate and had a peanut butter/cream cheese filling.
This one was shipped via UPS, and so far, I've had complete success with them. All the cakes have made it to their destinations with NO problem!
Happy Anniversary Kelsey and Niki!! Love you both!